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Launchpad Lottery Token

How does it sound to be able to own and trade your data in the metaverse?

Well, we are sure that you've already heard about Itheum project, so nothing new until today. So, we're writing this to announce you, with super excitement that the IDO for their native ITHEUM token is right on the horizon and it will be launched on Elrond’s Maiar Launchpad!

This is the second project on Maiar Launchpad.

The token sale will follow a lottery format, with the recording of user EGLD balances (staked or delegated only) done on 25 March 2022 at a random time during that day.

These are the rules for this launchpad:

They will calculate the amount of EGLD delegated or staked for each EGLD address that did and passed the KYC checks. Based on the amount staked or delegated the user will be assigned one of the following tiers:

Tier number 5 For 1 to 4 EGLD staked, you will be qualified for 1 ticket Tier number 4 For 5 to 24 EGLD staked, you will be qualified for 2 tickets Tier number 3 For 25 to 99 EGLD staked, you will be qualified for 4 tickets Tier number 2 For 100 to 499 EGLD staked, you will be qualified for 8 tickets Tier number 1 For 500 or more EGLD staked, you will be qualified for 16 tickets

Price per ticket: $200 (paid in EGLD) Each tier will give the user the option to buy a maximum number of lottery tickets. The user can choose how many lottery tickets to buy but he will not be able to buy more than the maximum permitted by the tier assigned based on the amount of EGLD staked or delegated.

Each ticket will cost: $200, to be paid in EGLD; price in EGLD will be determined prior to the lottery draw date. Each winning ticket will receive 5000 ITHEUM (1 ITHEUM ≈ 0.04 $). The non-winning tickets will be able to claim back all funds paid for the tickets after the draw. So this is a no-loss lottery, as no one is losing but not all are winning.

Please ensure that you follow the timeline further down below carefully if you wish to participate:

  • On 9 March begins Registration & KYC

  • On 25 March KYC ends and EGLD Staking snapshot will be taken

  • On 26 March You can buy lottery tickets

  • On 28 March They will Announce Winning tickets

Reminder! This is a no-loss lottery, as no one is losing but not all are winning. We wish you good luck if you decide to invest in this project.

If you would like to know more about this project, you can click here and watch our dedicated video about Itheum project.

Thank you for reading and don't forget: Until next time, take care of your money!


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