⚡SanoCubs⚡ First major Healthcare Utility NFT collection in the World?

SanoCubs aims to be the first major Healthcare Utility NFT collection in the world. This projects’ idea is combining traditional healthcare with blockchain technology into the Metaverse.

Every SanoCub NFTs enables a full SanoPass membership for 12 Months. What does that mean?

Well, every membership includes:

Unlimited Medical Triage through AI. To be honest, this is a bit vague and we can assume that they are using artificial intelligence to triage all the patients that require medical assistance through their platform based on the gravity of their problems.

Another benefit would be 10 Primary Care Consultations, meaning that you will be able to make 10 appointments to specialized medical services at any of the SanoPass partner clinics. This is nice and I really like that NFT collections are bringing utility to the real world.

The next advantage is that owning a SanoCubs NFT gives you 100 fitness entrances in a wide range of more than 150 gyms. But, let’s say you are an active person and you work out more than 3 times a week, this might not be enough for the whole year.

Furthermore, you will have access to an exclusive Wellness Content Platform. This platform exists and it is called SanoPass, you can find the link in the description but you will have to register before using it. They also mentioned that the Virtual Clinic in Metaverse will be launched in the first quarter of 2024, 2 years from now.

Unlimited Access to Telemedicine is another benefit. According to their whitepaper, in 60% of cases, people do not need a medical consultation in person: a discussion with a specialist through telemedicine services is enough. They have not quoted the source of this piece of information so I tried finding it. While doing the research on this, I could not find a reliable source for this statement, but personally, I do not agree with it. You should do a proper investigation when you have a medical problem.

Last but not least, 5% of the total NFT minting price will be donated to Romanian Red Cross. In another section, they mentioned that 5% of the royalties will be also distributed to Red Cross, so 5% from every SanoCub NFT transaction be sent to the humanitarian movement Romanian Red Cross. This is an honorable intention and I really like it.

I would love to say the below aspects are a good starting point, but unfortunately, this might not be enough. Some of the things from above are vague and I would advise the team to provide more details of every mentioned benefit. The more complex and detailed a whitepaper is, the more it will attract more investors.

In the next minutes, we will talk about the price, minting date, and how you can get your SanoCub NFT but before that, please pause the video and subscribe to the channel, this would mean a lot for us.

There will be 10000 SanoCubs utility NFTs: 9909 SanoCubs utility NFTs will be available for mint, the rest will be distributed to the team and marketing campaigns. The minting will start on the 31st March for whitelisted users while General Sale starts on the 1st of April. The minting price is 2 EGLD, approximative 400 USD and you can acquire the NFT on SanoCubs official website using Maiar and Elrond Web Wallet.

Personally, we encourage the idea, but the team needs to focus on creating a proper roadmap.

Before investing in a project, do your research properly and don’t let yourself be driven by emotions.

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Until next time, take care of your money.

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