Landboard - First Metaverse project on Elrond ecosystem

Landboard is the first Metaverse decentralised application in the Elrond ecosystem, aiming to be a powerful tool for digital creators, investors and metaverse & blockchain enthusiasts. It allows people to buy, trade and use the virtual land of Romania.

Before moving on, we would like to emphasise that we do not advise you to buy or not to buy, we are not a financial advisor, you have to do your own research before investing.

Landboard's mission is to provide users with a unique experience when purchasing virtual land. An unique experience through unique functionalities such as: earning passive income by offering the land for rental, using the land to promote what you believe in and many other things.

Within the Landboard ecosystem, people will be able to use their land for advertising reasons. Owning multiple tiles will give you the ability to create a bigger image, getting more visibility. You can use this to promote your product, NFT, business or anything of your choice.

Within the Landboard ecosystem you can simply and quickly get passive income: rent your land to other users interested in it. You receive offers from other people to use your land, and the choice is yours whether you accept the proposal or not. The whole Landboard ecosystem will be powered not only by EGLD, but through its own token: LAND.

The token will be launched on the Maiar Exchange as soon as possible to give users the opportunity to use the token efficiently and expand the community. The LAND token will be used for : DAO participation, early access to the app, giving holders the possibility to grab their favourite land before regular users, lowered royalties, special giveaways and airdrops.

The LAND token is meant to make transactions within the Landboard ecosystem easier, faster and more rewarding. Holding LAND will allow early access to land app, as well as governance, rewards, staking and lower fees.

If you want to buy presale you can do it from their website, by pressing the presale button and connect your wallet. Round 1 of presale is almost sold out, Round 2 of presale will be announced. The team consists of two young people, they are public members. They seem ambitious through their project, we hope that this project will be a success.

In our opinion, the project is a good one, it also has some things that the team has to work on, such as creating a much more detailed Whitepaper, enlarging the team with people working full time for the project and forming a community to support the project. After all, in the crypto space, the community gives you wings.


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