Herity Network

Herity Network is a cryptocurrency project, backed by a fully legal company (European Company) as well as a doxed experienced team, aiming to deliver a safer crypto investment ecosystem to all of its users.

They are building an environment for Seed Investments, a NFT marketplace based on blockchain technology and are also planning to give back some of their profits to Charity.

The Herity Network’s token utility will be a game changer. Their vision, values and crypto business model, and Charity sharing, make them different from other Crypto projects. Herity Network’s motto is “Helping the Little Guy”, meaning that the normal people will have the possibility to invest in legal and audited projects, as well as owning a piece of art before it becomes too expensive.

In order to support the project, Herity Network launched on 20 December 2021, their own token, called HER, on Binance Smart Chain network.

After a successful pre-sale campaign organised during November and December 2021, starting with the 20 of December 2021, the HER token can be bought from PancakeSwap Finance. A 8% sell transaction fee goes to the charity system and buyback manual burns. The buyback burn process makes the HER token more valuable as the total supply decreases and the price rises. Herity Network strategy is focusing on three main pillars:

First – a Crypto Seed Investment platform - it will act as a crypto blockchain early stage projects crowdfunding platform, where a good Crypto Idea can easily become a real project.

Have you ever heard about the famous tv-shows “Dragon’s Den” or ‘’Shark Tank’’? How would you feel if you were one of the entrepreneurs who know how to provide marketing to a product, understand its value and its price and, by using your abilities, to choose the right product? Moreover, how would you feel to be backed-up by a team of professionals, with the right knowledge and accreditations (such as legal advisors and marketing advisors) to invest in blockchain technology and concepts?

This is what Herity Network team will provide to each HER owner: an opportunity to invest as if you were a Venture Capital investor! Usually this is provided for big companies or important figures from the Crypto world. Not with Herity Network, their aim is to make every community member a VC investor.

Any project can ask to be listed on their platform, the Herity Network team will review nominations and pre-selects recipients based on predetermined criteria and a vetting process (which will involve the community, as well). All of the projects will be checked, vetted, audited and verified by Herity Network specialised members, in order to create a perfect investment opportunity for the HER holders. If you have a great crypto idea but don’t know where to start, Herity Network is the answer for you.

After finalising the selection process, Herity Network will continue to provide support but also financing in order for each project to develop and become mature.

The second focus – a NFT marketplace – Non-fungible tokens, better known as NFTs, contain within their code information that describes the properties of each token that make them different to others. They can be sold on NFT marketplaces, minted, auctioned, or used as assets in play-to-earn games that are yet to be released.

On Herity Network NFT platform, buyers will find a unique NFT space for everyone who wants to purchase a piece of a digital art collection for a good price.

The NFT platform provided by Herity Network will be addressed not only to buyers but also to artists. They have already signed partnership contracts with a bunch of talented artists (crypto and non-crypto), some that are in the top 200 NFT artists in the world. Their strategy takes into consideration artists creating all types of digital arts, such as 3D artists, photographers, sculptors, architects, musicians, DJs or even fashion designers, all under one creative and delightful name: “Herity Network Fine Art Chocolate Factory”.

Similar to the Seed platform, the Herity Network team will welcome real-life artists to switch over to NFTs, by offering free services for anyone who has design, drawing or any artistic skill, to be trained and helped in becoming an NFT artist. Herity Network will help the digital artists to mint their NFTs on 3-5 blockchains, then list them to be auctioned on their Platform.

The third thing is a Charity Platform - The Herity Team feels that every profit made, comes with a responsibility, therefore they created an NGO that will give back to the world through charity donations using a part of their profits, in ensuring that the funds will reach the cause in a full transparency.

If you support a cause or want to help someone in need, send your charity proposal to the team and they will investigate it, engage the community and deliver the required help.

Besides their own NGO company, Herity Network already concluded partnerships with charity organisations such as “Lumea ca lumea” which is the first major NGO partner and beneficiary with a breathtaking charity history and backed by the most renowned multi-industry companies (Untold festival, Neversea festival, Chios Social Lounge, Transilvania Healing Center) but also with well-known “SOS Children’s Villages International”, active in 136 countries and territories around the world.

In addition, Herity Network will create a crypto store, where HER holders will be able to use their tokens to buy Crypto Clothes, like Hoodies, T-shirts, Caps and many other customised things. ALL profits made will be donated to the Charity NGO.

Herity Network has already implemented a staking platform with 5 different pools, including a special pool dedicated only to pre-sale buyers. The pools have staking periods ranging from 6 months to 16 months and an APY ranging from 18% to 30%. Depending on the chosen pool, the HER holders will receive special benefits such as airdrops in the next seed projects, giveaways, private Group AMA session, Crypto Event free tickets, guaranteed seed slots, NFT airdrops and other.

Is Herity Network legit?

The whole project is backed by a European legal entity and fully comply with EU regulations. The staff members can easily be identified in the Team section as well as on LinkedIn, Google and Youtube. The company can be found on Google or local State websites as well as on the EU Licensed Companies (Herity Network S.R.L.)

It is worth mentioning that, before the HER token launch, on the 18th of December 2021, Herity Network submitted to their community the Smart Contract Security Audit performed by TechRate, one of the top 10 audit companies. The results were outstanding, no issue being identified! If all this information seems exciting, then visit herity.io website and check it for yourself! For any questions regarding the project, go to their Telegram channel where you will be guided by one of the Herity Network team members.


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