ENEFTOR | First NFT Ecosystem on Elrond Blockchain

Today we will talk about a very interesting project from Elrond blockchain, I hope this article will help you to get a clearer picture about Eneftor, a universal platform which aims to be the centralizer every enthusiast needs for minting collections, creating, buying and selling NFTs on the Elrond Network.

Eneftor comes with tools for generative collections and a NFT Artificial Intelligence generator. Because Eneftor is about humans, from humans and to humans, the team wants to dedicate a section of platform to raise funds for charity causes via our NFT superheroes community, by creating and sustaining special collections and auctions. Marketplace

Eneftor Ecosystem promises that will bring together some of the most usual activities from the NFT zone. In our vision, as an Eneftor user, you can do everything you would need for interacting with NFTs in a single place, without the need of a development team:

  • Create collections and NFTs using our creator tools

  • Launch and manage your mintable collection

  • Sell and buy directly or via auctions

  • Contribute to the charity events from the crowdfunding section

  • Reach and manage your community with ease

  • Enter the golden zone of airdrops

  • Invest in launchpad’s project or list your own NFT based project

One of the core components of the Eneftor Ecosystem is the Marketplace. Here they want to build a simple and effective NFT trading platform. The marketplace dashboard In Eneftor marketplace dashboard you can find all the NFTs living on the Elrond Network and visualize details about them. Also, with the help of the “For sale” filter you can find just the NFTs that you can buy on marketplace.

Creator Dashboard

In the Eneftor platform they will include a creator dashboard which will empower users to create a collection and its NFTs without coding knowledge. This sounds awesome and really simple. It provides the artists the ability to publish their creations on blockchain without the need of a development team, so they can focus entirely on creating and promoting their art. So they want to help and promote the talented artists.

NFT Artificial Intelligence Generator

As everybody believe that NFTs have the potential for worldwide adoption in the future, they want to assist people to generate all types of media NFTs with the help of our Artificial Intelligence generator.

Launchpad Investo

Eneftor Launchpad will bring together investors and NFT based projects. They want to build a place to centralize relevant NFT based projects, helping them succeed by providing their investor members the opportunity to sustain and be part of future projects from the very beginning. The platform will offer both security for founders and investors since all the listed projects will be subject to detailed and rigorous verifications.

Crowdfunding for good

Because Eneftor is about connecting people, they will devote a section of platform to raising funds for charitable causes. In this section of Unified platform, the team intend to assist in solving real-world problems, rather than just business projects, by assisting individuals and non-profit organizations in raising funds through the use of blockchain and community, without additional fees. Go and check our social media channels from the video description and follow there as well to get the latest informations and news we post.


The Eneftor token is EFTR and it will be the main currency in Unified NFT Ecosystem because it is usage will bring a lot of benefits and discounts as presented in the following sections. The maximum supply is 400 000 000 EFTR and there can never be minted more tokens so its price can increase according to the growth of the Eneftor project. The EFTR token is a central part of ecosystem and some of its utilities are: Transact NFTs without fees To encourage the adoption of the EFTR token, all the NFT transactions done through EFTR token will have 0 fees forever. The EGLD transactions will be cost free until the EFTR listing on Maiar Exchange, after a fee of 1% will be perceived on every NFT transaction using EGLD.

Staking There will be special airdrops for community and every EFTR holder will be automatically a participant. The gifts and rewards will be distributed via a pseudo-random algorithm, taking into consideration the amount of EFTR token every participant has.

Access to exclusive collections

Our goal is to create several NFT collections for our community and distribute them to members, so only EFTR token holders will have access to these exclusive collections and will be able to attend private events.

Get allocation and Invest in NFT based projects listed on our Launchpad The launchpad will bring the NFT based projects closer to community, presenting and helping them to have a proper start. The allocation for each participant will depend mainly on the amount of EFTR they hold.

Get early adopter offers

There will be some advantages and benefits for a EFTR holder. The team goal is to encourage the adoption of the token, so the first EFTR holders will be eligible to early adopter mysterious offers.

About Presales

There will be 3 sale rounds: Seed Sale, Presale 1 and Presale 2 totalling 10% of tokens. To avoid price dumping or manipulation, the team will have a vesting period for the tokens. All the 3 rounds will be followed by the Maiar Exchange listing of EFTR. In order not to be bored with many figures and details, all the information about presale and tokenomics can be found in the white paper of the project, in our description. I'll tell you one important thing, presale part 2 is happening right now.

About the Team

The team is visible on the site, the name of the developers is accompanied by pictures with them, something to appreciate, more details about they, you can see on LinkedIn. The CO-Founder are Narcis Chitescu and Erik Henning. Atbase they are engineers. In addition to the two, the team also consists of software engineer and business advisor.

The project seems very ambitious and promising, so far the team has fulfilled all the plans in the roadmap, of course there will be others. Among the benefits of this project, we want to point out:

  • Eneftor is a complete ecosystem

  • Low fees for EGLD transactions and zero fees for EFTR

  • No extra fee for collection creation

  • NFT collection creation tools

  • Community management tools

On their website you can see everything I presented to you, what plans they have made but also what they want to achieve. We wish them success.

Thank you for reading and until next time, take care of your money!


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