Binance card vs card

Let's start with Binance. We have 7 levels, classified according to how much BNB you have. You have the detailed table on the screen. We will present all the details as follow:

For the first level you do not have to own BNB and receive 0.1% cashback.

For level 2 of the card you already need at least 1 BNB and the cashback increases to 2%.

For level 3 of the card you must have 10 BNB and receive 3% cashback.

For level 4 you need 40 BNB and receive a 4% discount on purchases.

At level 5, Binance asks us to have 100 BNB and we receive a 5% discount.

For level 6 we need 250 BNB and Binance offers us a 6% discount on any purchase.

And for the last level the requirement is to hold 600 BNB, and instead we receive back an 8% discount on purchases with this card.

It should also be mentioned that you will receive this cashback in BNB, at the end of the next day after you have made a purchase. For example, go shopping on March 22, and you will receive cashback at the end of March 23.

Also the amount of BNB that qualifies you for a certain level of the card, you can keep it in the vault where you receive a very low interest (less than 1% per year) but you are also qualified to receive free new coins when they are launched on the lauchpad their.

The Binance card can also be added to Google pay, and you can shop with it at the store without having to physically take it with you or wait until it is delivered to you. You can add it to google pay immediately after you order it. The binance card is made of plastic.

On the other hand, we have the card from, where we will quickly go over their eligibility criteria.

And here we find only 5 levels for the card, with similar cashback percentages.

For level 1 of the card, you do not have to own their currency at all, you can order it for free from their application and receive cashback on its use of 1%.

For level 2 of the card, you must have their coin called CRO, worth $ 400, but you must also block this money for 180 days. You do not receive interest for this money, you receive this 2% cashback and spotify subscription.

For level 3 of the card you have to buy a CRO of $ 4000, put it on staking for 180 days, receive 10% annual interest for staking, receive a Spotify subscription, receive a Netflix subscription, receive this 3% cashback and access to airport lounges .

For level 4 of the card, you must deposit $ 40,000 for staking, also for 180 days, receive subscriptions to Spotifiy, Netflix, Amazon prime, 10% discount on Expedia, access to airport lounges you and another friend, interest of 10% per year for the $ 40,000 staked and a 5% cashback.

For the last level of the card, you need to buy and stake CRO worth $ 400,000 for 180 days. Your benefits with this card will be Spotifiy, Netflix, amazon prime paid in full, 10% discount on Expedia and holidays bought through airbnb, access to airport lounges you and another friend, 10% annual interest for the $ 400,000 at staking and an 8% cashback.

You receive the cashback in CRO currency, and you receive it instantly with every purchase made. The card, starting with level 2, is made of metal.

The card cannot be added to google pay, you have to take it physically with you when shopping.

Now let's compare the benefits and disadvantages of each card.

We will make this comparison taking into account the price for a BNB as $ 650, its current value. For each comparison between the 2 cards, the winner will earn 1 point each.

Considering that it is a visa card, and anyone who finds it can use it for online shopping without needing your pin, I would give the first point to binance because it lets you add the card in google pay and you can leave it at home in a drawer while shopping in town with him.

The second important thing is the liquidity of your money. While forces you to block money for 6 months, and at binance you have access to it at any time, I will offer another point for binance.

At, when you submit your CRO to staking, you are automatically eligible for the card you applied for. Instead, at Binance, the average BNB held by you in the last month is taken into account. So if you now deposit 1 BNB to qualify for level 2 of the card, you will be eligible only in a month. Here the point goes to for speed.

You will receive the cashback at instantly and at binance after a day. Here, earns another point.

If we exclude the last levels of the cards where it is necessary to deposit for $ 400000 and for binance $ 390000. Which I don't think is accessible to many people. For all other levels the entry price is much more affordable for For the same level of cashback for Binance you need on average 50% more money.

I would give another point to, because you can deposit money by SEPA transfer. If you are not willing to block money to benefit from cashback, then we will compare the first levels of the cards that are free. At we have 1% cashback and at Binance 0.1%, 10 times less. Here the point goes again to

At the next levels of cards, in addition to the cashback that both companies offer, also offers a lot of advantages as mentioned above. Netflix, Spotify, etc. In addition, offers us eligibility for cards by keeping the money staking and receiving rewards, which Binance does not allow. If you have the money staking on Binance, money is not counted for the card. You get that interest of less than 1% if you keep your BNB in vault and new coins at launch. All these benefits are far superior to the card compared to Binance. Here again the point goes to

If you are interested in the cash withdrawals from ATMs, then you should know that Binance offers you a higher limit for withdrawals. So we offer another point for Binance.

In case this matters to you, starting with level 2 of the card, the card from is made of metal and the one from Binance is made of plastic. If you also think that the time for plastic cards is over, then let's take a look at

Compared to 10 different criteria, the cards from Binance and, although they look similar, seem to differ quite a lot. The detached winner is with 7 out of 10 needs better met than Binance.


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