Aerovek Aviation Project (AERO)

Aerovek Aviation is a social-economic platform designed and optimised to be a one-stop shop for everything aviation-related in a decentralised, community-governed, peer 2 peer environment. Their focus is to create the largest and most passionate WEB3 community for both crypto and aviation.

From their description in the whitepaper, Aerovek is one place where you can do anything aviation-related, efficiently, affordably, securely, and all on-chain.

■ Buy, sell, and trade aircraft & aircraft parts ■ Find local flights, pilots, passengers, and flight schools ■ Learn about aviation, crypto, DEFI, and WEB3 ■ Create and vote on governance proposals ■ Earn passive income through staking & rewards

They believe in creating a trust-less, 100% transparent, and verifiable network and community. This is why they have made the easy decision to create the AeroDAO, the governing entity of the Aerovek ecosystem.

Aero and Atip are the project tokens. The Aerovek Token (AERO) is their ESDT (Elrond Standard Digital Token). AERO facilitates the functioning of the Aerovek ecosystem. AERO holders will have governance over members’ proposals and all future endeavours.

The Aerovek Tip Token (ATIP) is their ESDT that is received by posting quality and informative content in the Aerovek lounge as well as more platforms coming soon. AeroTips (ATIP) is a community token made by Aerovek with the purpose of rewarding content creators on the Aero platform.

Both AERO and ATIP can be transferred and received by selecting a user’s callsign. You can also visit the Elrond explorer and be able to verify every transaction, number of holders, circulation supply, transaction amount, and much more.

There was no presale of the AERO token, it could be obtained before listing if you put EGLD in the Maiar application for staking through their staking agency. A few days ago AERO it was launched on Maiar Dex, you can buy the the token from there making swap between EGLD and AERO.

Their team is numerous, in whitepaper in the team section we see people from all fields: Development, Marketing, Aero, Communication. Ryan Dietz is Blockchain Developer & Co-Founder of Aerovek Aviation, on his LinkedIn profile we can see various articles about Aerovek this proves that he is involved in this project and responsible for it. You can find details about the rest of the team in the whitepaper.

In conclusion, we like that it is an innovative idea with a utility in real life and also in blockchain system.

In their whitepaper we can see what mission, values and goals does the team have. Their project looks very fun, bold and what they promise affordable. In addition to renting a plane for a short flight, you can also : finding a flight instructor to learn how to fly, learning how to jump out of an airplane, party on a plane, sending a chopper to pick up your guests.

Also, they want to build Aero Wallet, this wallet offers users the ability to track market prices and charts for AERO, ATIP, EGLD & MEX. Incorporated NFTs so users can view, make them a profile pic with the click of a button, transfer, and see the rarity details for each NFT. The lounge, user accounts, and the DAO will all be incorporated into the wallet dashboard.


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