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Hello everyone! Today we will talk about how self-development can positively impact many aspects of your life, but it can especially help you take on more responsibility at work or in your daily life.

Focus on the Things You can Control Too many people focus on the things they can't change. It’s important for us to focus on the things we can control in life as it’s the only way we can actually make real progress. Focusing on the things you can't control will wear you down because you'll be setting unrealistic expectations all the time. You set expectations for certain events to occur but have no power to make them occur because they are beyond your control. If you deny the reality of not being able to change something you will continue to waste your time and energy.. You'll waste time wishing things were different or pretending they are, and you'll end up nowhere.

Challenge yourself Challenging yourself allows you to reach your potential. Learning a second language can keep your mind fresh. Meditation helps to calm the mind by becoming more aware of the thoughts surfacing in your head. There are unbounded number of way to challenge yourself. The goal is to update yourself to a new version. How do you know if you are the best version of yourself?

Eat Healthier It might be difficult to eat properly when there are so many harmful alternatives available. Our diets have a massive influence on our happiness wellbeing, and success. Eating healthy does not have to be hard! With some focus and dedication, you can start eating healthy right now. Start your healthy eating transformation today.

Read books Reading more books can help you explore your current interests, but also develop new ones. You can even learn a new skill with a book. Some books are written expressly to help you start working on personal growth and self-improvement. Do you think successful people read a lot? The answer is an absolute YES!

In fact, reading is one of the main contributors toward their success. One of the reasons people are able to produce amazing results is because they read a lot. Did you know how Elon Musk, the guy behind Tesla, discovered his dreams and what he wanted to do in life?? He read a ton of books. It is said that he read 10 hours a day when he was young, and he finished reading all the books in the entire library!

Reading gives you hope. It inspires you and show you what you’re capable of achieving. But do understand that unless you execute on the ideas you have acquired, nothing will change. Reading is a form of potential power. And when you put what you learned into work, you become unstoppable. Success will yours.

Spend more time outdoors If you work in an office you probably don't get to spend much time outside during the day. According to a new study, even a short 15-minute walk in the forest can reduce negative feeling like anxiety, weariness, anger, and depression. Psychologists have studied the effects of nature on mental and emotional health, and have determined that the presence of nature strengthens a resilience in dealing with stress and adversity. Whether you’re dealing with everyday stresses or anxieties, the research is pretty clear that spending time in nature can greatly improve mental health.

Get a Mentor or Coach There’s no faster way to improve than to have someone help you reach your goals. Many of my clients approach me to guide them in their goals, and they achieve significantly more results than if they had worked alone.

Level up Your Skills If you have played video games before, you are familiar with the concept of levelling up. With experience you can be better and stronger. As a speaker, I’m constantly improving my public engagement skills. As a blogger, I’m constantly improving my writing skills. The first and most important thing is your way of thinking. The one and only mindset you must have when you improving your game is that there is nothing that will come between me and levelling up my game. No temptations, no distractions, nobody and nothing. In order to level up your game, you simply have to commit yourself 100 %. You have to put yourself in a state of complete focused. What skills can you improve?

Meditate Meditation may be a technique used for thousands of years to develop awareness of the present moment. It includes exercises to sharpen concentration and attention, connect to the body and breath, develop acceptance of difficult emotions, and even alter consciousness. It’s been shown to provide a variety of physical and psychological benefits like stress reduction Trusted Source and improved immunity. There are nine popular sorts of of meditation practice: focused meditation, mindfulness meditation, spiritual meditation, focused meditation, loving-kindness meditation movement meditation, mantra meditation, visualisation meditation, progressive relaxation, transcendental meditation.

Stop Watching TV Many programs and commercials on television are meant to distract you rather than empowering or educating you. This time is better spent elsewhere, such as with close friends, doing a hobby you enjoy, or workout. Most television channels exist only for the monetary advantage of their corporate owners, and what is a better way to earn money than by displaying commercials? Manipulative advertising encourages you to buy products, by making them believe that, to be happy and successful, all they need is to consume — and that the more stuff they consume, the better their life will get.

Show Kindness to Those Around You You can never be too kind to someone. Being kind allows us to develop other qualities such as patience, compassion, and love. As you get back to your day after reading this article later on, start exuding more kindness to the people around you, and notice how peoples will reacts. Also, notice how you feel as you behave kindly to others. Chances are you may feel more positive and grateful.

Until next time, take care!


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